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Food Additives
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Food Additives

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A. Streptococcus lactis

Streptococcus element (Nisin) is a kind of polypeptide produced lactic streptococcus material, is composed of 34 amino acid residues, inhibits most gram-positive bacteria, and the spores of bacillus had strong inhibitory effect, therefore was used as a food preservative is widely used in food industry, is a highly efficient, non-toxic, safe, no side effects of natural food preservatives.

After years of research and development, Nanjing Jiuanyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new membrane separation and extraction process for streptococcus lactis, which greatly improves the production efficiency of streptococcus lactis and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.



Technical Advantages:

1. It can be concentrated at low temperature without breaking the structure of streptococcus lactin and maintaining the activity of streptococcus lactin;

2. High concentration multiple, which can be concentrated by nearly 20 times, greatly reducing the salting-out treatment capacity of subsequent sections and reducing waste water discharge;

3, can batch, continuous, stable production of high concentration, efficient price of lACTIn products;

4. The product yield is as high as 98% or more;

5. High degree of automation, simple control process, greatly reduced labor intensity and usage, can save 60% of labor costs, significant economic benefits.

6. Membrane separation device is compact in structure and occupies a small area.



Clear liquid film concentration of ceramic film (potency 180-200,000 IU)



Extraction project of streptococcus lactis in an enterprise 1



Extraction project of streptococcus lactis in an enterprise 2

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