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Organic membrane and complete equipment


  At present, the spiral-wound organic membrane is the most widely used membrane application in the market. Its main advantages are high filling density, easy use and operation, and relatively consistent industrial standards. In most membrane application occasions, the membrane appears in the form of a spiral-wound membrane. The spiral-wound membrane elements are mainly rolled by flat membranes, including flat diaphragm, feed grid, dialysate grid, glue and dialysate collection tube and other modules. Among them, the common spiral-wound membrane elements used for industrial separation are also self-equipped with anti-twist devices at both ends.


  The spiral-wound membrane system is featured by high filling density of membrane, sound sealing performance and small investment. So, it fully covers microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis in industry.





  Working principle of roll film

  The spiral-wound organic membrane element is to utilize high-tech technology, according to the membrane separation principle, bond and roll the elaborately made organic membrane and diversion layer filter onto the central tube with drain holes according to certain arrangement, so as to form an element. When material enters the filter layer through one end of the element, under the action of external pressure, part of water passes through the hole of semipermeable membrane, and penetrates into the flow layer, and then flows to the drain hole of the central tube through the channel of the diversion layer, to outflow from the central tube. The rest (i.e. concentrate) is discharged from the other end of the filter layer.



  Nanjing Jay Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. possesses membrane elements such as spiral-wound ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane and separation technologies. The company has rich experience in the field of organic membrane application and can provide overall solutions from laboratories to industrial applications. The specific organic membrane specifications are shown in the following table:

Membrane materials: polyethersulfone and polyamide
Membrane element brand Ge / Dow / AMD / sepro / Koch
Module specifications 1812, 2540, 4040, 8040
The molecular weight intercepted was 150da, 200da, 400da, 600Da, 800da, 1kd, 3KD, 5kd, 10kd, 30kd, 50kd and ro
Working pressure 0 - 60bar
The pH of common membrane element with acid and alkali resistance is 2-12, and that of acid and alkali resistant membrane element is 1-14






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